By Ariadni Rainbird


Oh blessed gods to Thee I pray

Eos who heralds the light of day

Spreading with joy your rosy glow

Awaken my mind, my body and soul

Oh gracious Goddess of the dawn

Through Thee each new day is born


As rises high the Golden Sun –

Helios the all-seeing one

Oh Mighty Titan, Lord of light

Who rules the day with unconquered might

Watch over me lord, I plea

And steer me on the path of piety

Theia Euryphaessa’s Mighty Son

– The Far Shining Goddess of inspiration

And who’s Father is Hyperion

– Lord of light, the All High One

Oh Titans, powers of natural law

Forefathers and mothers of natures awe

I call on Thee – expand my soul and mind

Great Iapetus, ancestor of mankind

Thou who governs mortality

May my life be true, just, and worthy

Thǽmis, Divine Law, Justice and Truth

Of Oracular power, giver of sooth

Mother of the blessed Horai

And Who bore by Zefs the holy Moirai

Eunomia, Dike, Eirine, never cease,

In giving Wise counsel, justice and peace

Clotho, Lachesis and Átropos, fates dread,

Spinner, measurer and cutter of life’s thread

Prometheus too was sprung from Thee, Titans great

Who’s name means Foresight, seeing our fate

Who brings progress and the holy fire

That illumines our minds and sparks our desire

To create and to grow to learn and problem solve

Who with Blessed Dioni helps us evolve

Oh Dioni, Oracle and prophetess,

Sister to Phoebe, Mnemosyne and Themis

Each Titan and Titaness with a unique role

In awakening and stretching the human soul

Okeanus, the river that around the earth flows

Firstborn Titan from whom Gods and men arose

Help us connect to the source of our being

The waters of life forever overseeing

The Okeanides are Thy blessed daughters

With Tithys, Mother of rivers, clouds and fresh waters

I give honour to Thee Gods of primal creation

Accept my offerings and adoration

Kreios who measures the temporal portions of the year

Let me tread the path with a heart with no fear

Thou who governs the stars, and beginnings anew

Let me face each beginning with a heart that is true

And Blessed Mnemosyne, Thee I beseech

To bless me with memory and the power of speech

For time destroys all, yet itself is immortal

Whilst memory preserves, and opens the portal

To a life that’s divine, blessed and free

I call on the bright one, the Goddess Phoebe

In whom the sources of oracular ability we find

And Coeus, Titan of the questioning mind

By Coeus, Phoebe bore Astæría, the starry one, bright

Goddess of falling stars and oracles of night

Who, bore Hekate, the holy dark maiden,

Goddess of Virtue who reveals what is hidden


And Phoebe by Coeus also Leto bore

Who bore the divine twins, on Delos’s shore.

And I call on great Rhea, mother and queen

And Kronos who ruled the Golden age supreme

Who wears the crown and holds the rod

That passes the power from God to God

First great Phanis from the cosmic egg emerged


The egg created when Chronos and Ananke merged

Time and Necessity in sacred elation

Forming the cosmogenic substances of creation

To reveal the mysteries in all their glory

Phanis, the revealer, the beginning of the story.

Both male and female, Oh being of light,

From Thee came Nyx, Goddess of night

Who holds the mysteries in her dark cave

And to whom Phanis the rod of kingship gave


All potentials of the Universe are Thine Goddess profound

And Phanes’s light reveals the forms that are found

Nyx, Whom the Gods consult and of whom all are in awe

Dark Lady of mysteries, Thee I adore.

I give honour too to Thy Divine progeny

Ouranous the foundation of divinity

The abode of the Gods, whose aetherial nature whirls

through the cosmos and permeates our souls

Panypertatus Daemon the most exalted and high

Accept my offerings, Lord of the Starry Sky.

The rod of Kingship was passed to Thee

The progression of aether coming to be

And to Gaia, Earth Mother, of Queenly form

from whose womb all earthly life is born

Fertile goddess with prolific powers

Producing grain, fruits and flowers,

To Thee all mortal life owes its birth

I honour Thee Mother, with love and mirth


From Oranous and Gaia the race of Titans were born

And Kronos took the rod and the crown

And Kronos and Rhea in turn, with grace

Produced Zeus and Hera, and the Olympian race

The personal Gods whom we adore

Who govern every natural law.

Hestia firstborn, who tends the sacred flame

The fire at the centre from whence all came

Who sets into motion the soul on its path

The Demiurge, the first and last,


Ares who rules the battle which is life

Thou who thrives in times of strife

Give me the courage to face life head on

To go bravely into the battle throng.


And Thy daughter Eris, Goddess of Strife

Who rules the challenges that bring growth in life.

Artemis, lithe, swift huntress of souls

Give me the energy to achieve my goals

With your silver arrows aiming true

You help the souls progression to virtue.


Hephaestus, God of crafts and archetypal flame

Mighty and strong, skillful, though lame

Giving beauty and form, making manifest

Ideas and aspirations, the goals of our quest


Hera, beautiful queen of the skies

Noble and regal with wide open eyes

All seeing, Goddess who torments the soul

With challenges to make us whole

Yours is the law of Eros, attraction

That stimulates human and divine interaction.


Poseidon, Lord of the sea and of storm

The law of progress is Thy dominion

The journey is Thine, God of travel and horses

As you help ships to stay on their courses.


Grey eyed Athena, who art crafty and wise

Who Sprung from Zeus’s head armed and full size

When He swallowed Thy Mother, Metis, of good sense.

You rule the law of co-influence,


And fair Aphrodite, Goddess of love

Who brings harmony from the heavens above

Bring peace to our hearts, lightness and Joy

Mother of playful Eros, the winged boy

Whose arrows shoot straight to the heart and inspire

The flames of passionate love and desire.


Next I praise Golden haired Apollohn bright

God of music, science, Art and light

The Natural Law of freedom is Thine

Liberate me, lead me to the life divine.


And to Hermes too I offer up my praise

Messenger of the Gods, with wiley ways

Guide of souls with winged feet

Guide me when my life is complete


Son of Maia, Violet-haired Goddess of the Spring

Loveliest nymph Who takes care of every living thing.

Zeus, Thundering God, who rules the skies

All is seen by Thy divine eyes

Lord of life in the realm divine

The earth and all that lives is Thine


Demeter who gives us the grains and the seeds

Oh Blessed Mother who cares for our needs

Bringer of peace, who taught mankind the skills

To plough and to sow, to rid us of ills

Oh Queen of the Earth, of abundance and growth

Energise our souls to move towards divine truth.


And Thy blessed daughter Persephone,

Plouton’s Kthonic Queen, Holy Kore

Soteira, Saviouress, daughter of Zeus

First Mother of Dionysos as Zagreus

In Plouton’s dark realm you spend half the year

All who know Thee face death with no fear


Though to Thanatos too I call

On whom the measure of our lives must fall

I pray Thee not in haste to take my last breath

But when it comes, to grant a peaceful death

I call on Great Aesclepius, healer of mankind

And Hygiea, – bless me with good health, Goddess kind.

Panacae, Goddess of Universal Cure

Give me strength when sickness I endure

Aid me to recuperate O Iaso

The healing process is Thine, Oh Acaso,

Aglaea, Splendour and Beaty from Thee are poured

When glorious health is once more restored.

To Plouton the keys to earth’s mysteries belong

In Thy dark kingdom, deep and strong.

And for Lord Dionysos I carry the rod tipped with pine

Who teaches the mysteries and gives the aethir of wine

Thrice-born God crowned with ivy and vine

Liberator, saviour, God of ecstasy divine

And wise Ariadne you took to wife

Who teaches the mysteries of the labyrinth of life.


To the nurses of Dionysos I also pray

To Ipta, Great Mother who hid the babe away

To Leucothea, protector of the divine child

And to Palaemon, doomed to dwell in oceans wild

To Chiron, best of centaurs, gentle and wise

Healer and teacher, with the power to civilize.

And to Silenus, wise satyr, teacher and guide

And to Pan who is Nature, in whom we abide

Earthly, aetherial, watery, firey, whole

The substance of all, and all are of Thee, Great soul.

To Phisis, all parent, ancient and divine

Mother of all, all sustaining, all life is Thine

To the nymphs, to the Satyrs, to the Nereiads and Dryads

To the Korybantes, Kouretes, Oreads and Naiads

And to the Great Mother of the Gods, Meter Theon

Source of life whom all depend upon

To the Anemoi, the winds, Boreus the North’s icy blast

Notus’s hot and humid clouds from the south are cast

From the West are blown Zephyrus’s sweet breezes, bringing flowers,

Whilst from the East Eurus brings Autumn rain and showers.

And swift-footed Iris, robed in the rainbow

Lighting the darkness with many-hue’d glow

Herald of Hera, glory of the sky

Blazing a glorious trail as You fly.

And fair Adonis loved by Persephone and Aphrodite

Who engages the soul with thought of absolute beauty

The Goddesses hearts with love are burning

For Beauty is The object of every love’s yearning.

And as the daylight fades and night draws near

And the silver light of the moon and the glow of stars appear

I call on Selene, blessed Queen of the Night

All-seeing Goddess, diffusing silver light

Shine on me I pray with Thy prosperous rays

Watch over me through the night and accept my praise.

Agathos Daemon, noble spirit, bring wisdom and good health,

Come with Tyche Agatha, pouring forth a fruitful store of wealth.

And as I prepare myself for sleep

I call on Hypnos, my soul to keep

Thou who takes away cares, and gives repose

From whom healing and peaceful rest flows.

And I call on the Oneiri, Blessed powers of dreams divine

May peaceful and inspiring dreams be mine

Morpheus, shape my dreams, whisper gently to my mind

The will of the Gods and of heaven kind.

That I may wake refreshed and inspired I pray

To greet the dawn another day