Orphismos, or Orphism is a Mystery religion with its roots in Ancient Greece, following a tradition in the lineage of Orpheus, the Great Theologian, and is a form of the religion of Hellenismos.  Hellenismos, in simplest terms is a religion of honouring the Gods of Ancient Greece, but in its deeper meaning, is the noble path to personal excellence or virtue, known as Araeti.  It is a way of life, and a way of working with the natural world through the Natural Laws, through honouring and developing a relationship with the pantheon of Gods, in particular the Twelve Olympians and Dionysos, the Liberator and Saviour, and through examining life through the means of the practice of philosophy.  The spiritual seeker who feels the calling of the Gods of Ancient Greece might find themselves confused by the number of different terms , and different forms of practice of worship of the Gods current today.  Terms such as Hellenismos, Hellenism, Hellenic Polytheism, Hellenic Paganism, Hellenic Pantheism, Greek Pantheism, Greek Paganism, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Olympianism, Dodekatheism, the Ancient Greek Religion, etc.  And indeed there are many different forms and ways of honouring the Gods.  Different groups have their own individual emphasis.  Some concentrate on the cultus of a particular deity or groups of deities, such as the Olympians, or Hekate, or Dionysos, or the Kthonic deities, some study the Magical Papyri, and try and learn and practice the theurguc and magical techniques within.   Others are totally opposed to magical practice, and concentrate on honouring the The Gods, and the religious side.  Some groups attempt to reconstruct the common religion as it was practised during a certain time period within a certain area of the Greek world (including Magna Grecia, an area of Italy settled by Greeks).  Others study what is known of the mystery traditions, and try to recreate them as best they can.  Others still incorporate worship of the Greek Gods into Wiccan or other Pagan ritual.  Others study the philosophers and seek to find wisdom and truth.  Others still follow living traditions, which have been handed down, often through family lines, from generation to generation, others through initiatory lines, from teacher to student, where different currents may have been mixed in as the religion has moved around, escaping Christian, and then Islamic persecution over the centuries, often hidden, often secret.  It is the Living Tradition that these pages seek to present.  In any Living Tradition, the religious ideas, philosophies, practices, rituals etc. will change substantially over time, as new influences come into the religion, both through its meeting with other religions and philosophies, and through the innovations made by individual thinkers and practitioners.  Religions change with time and place, and this is necessary and right, and these pages do not therefore attempt to reconstruct the ancient religion, but to present a religion that is as relevant to today as it was to the ancients.  The form of the religion may change, but the essence remains.  Hellenismos is a path, a journey, a way of living your life, the way of Araeti, the root of all virtue.  We attempt to practice what is called eusebeia, a type of piety, a reverence towards the Gods, your parents, the world, the Cosmos. Hellenismos in the Orphic path may be described as eusebeia by which one develops Araeti through committed noble action.  The Orphic path is concerned with the transformation of and progress of the soul.  The outer forms of the religion are secondary to this.

The author of this website is located in South Wales, UK, and it is aimed at anyone who resides within the UK who may be interested in the Orphic tradition.   For any queries regarding the tradition presented on these pages, please contact me at ariadnerainbird@mail.com



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